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Sights For The Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

You can't shoot accurately and safely when you can't see the sights. These sights are visible even in very low light - and they fit the factory slide cuts so they're easy to install.

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M&P Shield Holsters

For concealed carry, a comfortable holster is a must. It secures your Shield, prevents it from "printing" through your clothing, and ensures it'll be there when you reach for it.

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Silencerco S&W M&P Shield Threaded Barrel

This barrel has a threaded muzzle so you can put a quick-attach/detach sound suppressor on your Shield for quiet, easy-on-the-ears range practice.

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Apex Tactical M&P Trigger Upgrades

The Shield's factory trigger is very good. Apex's easy-to-install upgrades give it an outstanding trigger pull. Different colors, too, to give your gun a custom look.

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M&P Shield Laser Sights

Fast, easy to use, and intuitive, a laser sight ensures you are on target before you pull the trigger. A huge advantage in a stressful self-defense emergency.

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Smith & Wesson Factory Magazines

A pistol is only as reliable as its magazine. Make sure you have plenty of backup mags for your Shield from the factory that built your gun.

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Smith & Wesson's M&P Shield is one of the most popular concealed-carry self-defense pistols available today. From the factory, it's a darned good pistol. With a few simple upgrades that you can easily install yourself, you can turn yours into an outstanding EDC (Every Day Carry) gun.

Keep Your M&P Running

In this video from our Firearm Maintenance Series, Brownells Gun Tech Steve Ostrem shows you how to field strip your Smith & Wesson M&P Shield for cleaning. Be sure to watch the subsequent videos in the series on how to clean, lube, and reassemble your pistol to ensure you get a "bang," not a "click" every time you squeeze the trigger.

Installing Upgrades Yourself

Gun Tech Steve Ostrem helps you pick the sights that are right for your gun. Learn More...

Brownells offers a dedicated, heavy-duty pin punch tool designed to help you easily disassemble your M&P. Learn More...

The Blade-Tech Nano is a sturdy, comfortable, low-profile concealment holster for your Shield. Learn More...