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Protects Users from Hot Suppressors

Designed to provide protection and handling capabilities to suppressor owners, the Torch Wear Flat Silencer Cover is made from high-tech materials that enable it to withstand the incredible heat produced by extended strings of fire through centerfire cans.

The principle design element of the Torch Wear Flat Silencer Cover is the textile weave used in the construction of the cover. The company incorporates a quilt made from carbon fiber that can handle the incredible heat on the surface of a suppressor with ease, ensuring that users don't have to wait around for their can to cool down before handling it or transporting it.

  • Black finish
  • Measures 8.75 inches long and 6.75 inches wide
  • Felt side faces in towards the suppressor, smooth side faces out
  • Made in the USA

Each Torch Wear Flat Silencer Cover ships with three metal ties that allow it to be fastened securely to the surface of most suppressors.

Mirage Mitigator: This product is designed and intended specifically to mitigate the negative effects of mirage from the hot silencer in front of a magnified optic. It works extremely well for this purpose. It is not designed or intended for full-auto use or “mag dumps.”  User assumes any and all risks to him/herself and/or equipment if using this product for other than the intended purpose.

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Color: Black